Is your school a change-maker? Does it uphold values of empowerment, community, compassion, generosity and social upliftment? Then this opportunity is for you.

NID is partnering with both public and private schools across South Africa in celebrating its 135th year of helping the Deaf in 2016!

Through the 135 Schools project, NID aims to create a culture of giving amongst South Africa’s youth whilst raising awareness on hearing loss and Deafness. We believe that the mark of a healthy society is the support of people in need. Be a part of creating a better, more caring world.

You can get involved by: donating the proceeds of a calendar event; hosting a dance, fun run, or other event to benefit NID; run a competition to raise awareness on Deafness and the work of NID; or take a tour of NID.

To be part of the 135 Schools movement, contact Hannerie Swart on 023-342-5555 or