The NID Schools Project involves schools taking on a fundraising project of their choice in support of NID. Projects may vary from a social day, coin laying, hosting a dance or anything easy that could easily slot into the school’s annual programme.

Schools can also get involved in the NID Change for Change project. The project involves the filling of small Change 4 Change money boxes with all the small and annoying change, which fill our wallets.

This project is however not limited to school participation. Colleges, universities, service organisations or any type of group can also get involved and donate the funds collected from their project to NID as a special gift.

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Raise awareness and funds for NID through your participation in a running event of your choice. Events such as the NID Trail Run, Two Oceans Half Marathon and NID Marathon Tour have created the opportunity for sport enthusiasts with a passion for seeing the lives of others improved, to make a difference in the lives of persons with hearing loss at NID.

This year, NID’s “Run for the Deaf” projects kicked off with the fourth Red vs Blue run which took place on 14 March 2019. This 5km fun run that was held for the first time in 2016, is already highly popular and is unlike any other: The winners are not those who finish first, but are determined by whether male (Blue) or female (Red) participants finish in the majority! The ladies were crowned as the champs this year!

On 20 April 25 athletes took part in the Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon in support of the NID Run for the Deaf Campaign and raised R 49 447 to the benefit of the Deaf and persons with hearing loss at NID. 

From 02 – 17 April 2019 a group of 17 athletes participated in the 9th NID Marathon Tour to Europe. They ran various races to raise awareness and financial support for elderly- and multiple-disabled Deaf adults at NID and raised a total amount of R 52 500. 

SAVE THE DATE: The NID Dusk & Dawn Trail Run will take place again on 25 and 26 October 2019.


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Pledge your birthday, nominate NID as beneficiary and request your family and friends to rather give a “gift” in support of NID, in celebration of your special day and in celebration of our 138th year of helping the Deaf and people with hearing loss.

We once received a donation from a new friend of the Deaf on request of one of her friends who celebrated his birthday. He had told his family and friends that he had received enough gifts and blessings over the years, and that the money they would have spent on him for a birthday gift, should rather go to a worthy cause. Special gestures like these are one of the ways that has made it possible for NID to make a difference in the lives of the Deaf and persons with hearing loss for the last 138 years.

Please consider following this example and doing the same. Pledge your birthday, nominate NID as beneficiary and request your family and friends to give a “gift” in support of our good cause and in celebration of our 138th year of helping the Deaf and people with hearing loss.

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NID is tans besig met ‘n totale herstruktureringsproses ten einde te verseker dat dienste aan Dowes en persone met gehoorverlies, wat reeds vir 136 jaar gelewer word, voortgesit, verbeter en uitgebrei kan word.

Dit vereis beplanning vir die volgende vyf jaar en daarna, en om in hierdie ekonomiese tye dienste meer effektief maar ook koste-effektief te kan lewer. In hierdie dienslewering speel al NID se vennote, van individue, kerke, gemeentes, besighede, organisasies en maatskappye ‘n baie belangrike rol. Sonder vriende en betrokke vennote is hierdie werk nie moontlik nie.

NID moes ernstig besin of dit ekonomies volhoubaar is om twee klein ouetehuise te bedryf in plaas van ‘n enkele groter een, en gevolglik gaan die Rusoord afdeling, wat geleë is in Bellville, se inwoners verskuif word na ons Shalom fasiliteit by NID. Hierdie verskuiwing sal vanaf 1 April plaasvind. Sodoende word sekere risikos uitgeskakel en beter dienslewering aan Dowes verseker.
So gaan die opleiding van Dowe leraars voort op kampus in noue samewerking met NID en die Worcester De la Bat Gemeente vir Dowes, maar gaan die bestuur en akkreditasie voortaan onder Hugenote Kollege, wat spesialiseer in opleiding van geestelike werkers, resorteer.

NID bedank hiermee elkeen wat op verskillende maniere en wyses betrokke was en is vir die moontlik maak van die werk deur NID. Ons nooi ook elkeen wat betrokke kan en wil wees om ons te kontak. Helen Keller het tereg gesê “together we can do so much more”.


NID is currently in the process of restructuring in order to ensure that services to the Deaf and persons with hearing loss, which have been offered for more than 136 years, can be continued, improved and expanded.

It requires planning for the next five years and onwards, and making it possible to render services more effectively but also cost-effectively within the reigning economic circumstances.  In the delivery of these services, all of NID’s partners – individuals, churches, congregations, businesses, organisations and companies, play a very important part.  Without friends and engaged partners, this work would not be possible.

NID had to seriously consider the economic sustainability of operating two smaller old age homes instead of a single, bigger one, and therefore the residents of the Rusoord unit in Bellville will be relocated to our Shalom facility at the NID campus starting 1 April 2017.  By doing so, certain risks are being eliminated and the rendering of services to the Deaf ensured.

Furthermore, the training of Deaf ministers will continue on campus in close conjunction with NID and the De la Bat Congregation for the Deaf, but in future the management and accreditation thereof will be resorting under the Huguenot College, which specialises in the training of ministry.

NID thanks each and every person that has been, and still is involved, by whatever means or manner, for making the work of NID possible.  We also invite anyone who can or want to be involved to contact us.  Helen Keller rightly stated:  “together we can do so much more”.


Pledge a Birthday Box containing some resident essentials – for example deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo etc. –which we will give to our Oumas and Oupas at our two old age homes for the Deaf as well as the Deaf adults with multiple disabilities.

Be part of the NID 135-year birthday celebration by participating in the Birthday Box project. You will receive a list of resident essentials – for example deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo etc. – to make up a Birthday Box which we will give to our Oumas and Oupas at the two old age homes for the Deaf (Shalom and Rusoord) as well as the Deaf adults with multiple disabilities. The residents in these departments have physical needs and challenges that can only be attended to by others, making it necessary for them to seek the care offered by NID. For these residents, NID is their family and their home. A Birthday Box for each of them will certainly help to make the year ahead special for all of them.

Pledge your box now!

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