From 28 September 2017 to 10 October 2017 a group of 19 runners from the Western Cape in South Africa will be touring Denmark and Sweden. These dedicated athletes will take part in the Hans Christian Andersen Marathon in Odense and the Skogsmaran in Gothenburg, Sweden.The main focus of the group during this tour is to raise funds for the care of Deaf adults with multiple disabilities at the National Institute for the Deaf (NID) in Worcester.

Their beneficiaries include persons with hearing impairment as well as physical, mental or visual disabilities. Services offered by NID are: Private post-school training to Deaf youth through programs aimed at career paths & employability which is demonstrated in our Business Training units. Care provided to multi-disabled adults and elderly Deaf. Integrated Support Services offering support services on campus as well as the broader Deaf community through a systemic, holistic approach that focuses on removing barriers to access and participation as well as supporting sustainable integration into community life.

The athletes have been training hard for months to be fit and ready for the marathons. This is the 5th time that they take part in marathons in Europe to raise funds and awareness for the advantage of these people who are in desperate need of support.

We herewith invite and request you to support this initiative of raising funds by asking you to donate an amount towards this worthy cause.  In doing so, you will directly contribute to the care of these vulnerable people.

This can be done in different ways by using this link provided for a safe donation from anywhere in the world:

OR alternatively by internet banking with the following details:

Account Name:     National Institute for the Deaf

Account Number: 9118452209

Bank:                      ABSA Bank

Swift Code:            ABSAZAJJ     OR      Branch Code:  632 005

Reference:             MT (Name and Surname or Company name)

NID Cycle Telethon 2017

The annual NID Cycle Telethon fundraising project kicked off from Friday 25 to Saturday 26 Augustus 2017!

4 teams of 9 Deaf cyclists each cycled for 24 hours from Friday 14:00 to Saturday 14:00 on exercise bicycles in the Mountain Mill Mall Worcester. The teams competed against each other to cycle the furthest distance in the 24 hours. The 4 teams cycled a distance of 3 427.6 km in total.

Donors, partners and friends from across South Africa were phoned during the project and asked to pledge a contribution towards the project. The aim of the project is to raise funds for multiple-disabled Deaf adults at NID.

You can still help make a difference! To make your contribution, sms/WhatsApp your name, surname and pledge to 082 947 8846 or email your pledge to Challenge a friend, family member or colleague to do the same – you can send their contact details to us and we will call them with your challenge.

Together we can help make a difference in the lives of the Deaf and persons with hearing loss at NID.


The RED vs BLUE Run is a race between the sexes – men vs women, boys vs girls.
But it’s not the fastest time that wins the ultimate prize. Strength is truly in numbers, with the group with the most finishers crowned the winner.
The concept originated in Porto, Portugal where a similar race takes place each year, namely “Corrida do Homen e da Mulher”.
This is not an event for runners only. Anyone can take part – young and old, cross-fitters to couch-potatoes.
Distance: 6 km
Date: Wednesday, 29 March 2017
Time: 18:00
Place: Golden Valley Casino, Worcester
PLEASE NOTE: Female participants must wear red and male participants must wear blue.
For more information and entries, contact Juanita on 023 342 5555 or


Pledge a Birthday Box containing some resident essentials – for example deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo etc. –which we will give to our Oumas and Oupas at our two old age homes for the Deaf as well as the Deaf adults with multiple disabilities.

Be part of the NID 135-year birthday celebration by participating in the Birthday Box project. You will receive a list of resident essentials – for example deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo etc. – to make up a Birthday Box which we will give to our Oumas and Oupas at the two old age homes for the Deaf (Shalom and Rusoord) as well as the Deaf adults with multiple disabilities. The residents in these departments have physical needs and challenges that can only be attended to by others, making it necessary for them to seek the care offered by NID. For these residents, NID is their family and their home. A Birthday Box for each of them will certainly help to make the year ahead special for all of them.

Pledge your box now!

To pledge your birthday box, email or download the pledge form.


Is your school a change-maker? Does it uphold values of empowerment, community, compassion, generosity and social upliftment? Then this opportunity is for you.

NID is partnering with both public and private schools across South Africa in celebrating its 135th year of helping the Deaf in 2016!

Through the 135 Schools project, NID aims to create a culture of giving amongst South Africa’s youth whilst raising awareness on hearing loss and Deafness. We believe that the mark of a healthy society is the support of people in need. Be a part of creating a better, more caring world.

You can get involved by: donating the proceeds of a calendar event; hosting a dance, fun run, or other event to benefit NID; run a competition to raise awareness on Deafness and the work of NID; or take a tour of NID.

To be part of the 135 Schools movement, contact Hannerie Swart on 023-342-5555 or