NID Sign Superstars


The National Institute for the Deaf has started an exciting competition called NID Sign Superstars. The aim of this competition is to promote South African Sign Language – to show its diversity, its vibrancy and its beauty.

As an introduction: It works on the basis of the popular Idols competition and is open to D/deaf persons, persons with hearing loss and hearing persons older than 18 years. Participants entered by filling in an entry form and submitting a video (2 – 5 minutes) where they sign in SASL. They could choose from a variety of genres – poetry, songs, jokes/comedy, storytelling etc.

A panel of experts from NID was responsible for selecting the best 50 entries. The top 50 videos are now posted on Facebook (@nidsignsuperstars) until 20 February 2017 so that the public can vote for the top 20 participants. Thereafter the voting rounds will continue as follow:

Top 20 announced on 21 February 2017 – Public votes for top 10 until 13 March 2017.

Top 10 announced on 15 March 2017 – Public votes for top 5 until 29 March 2017.

The top 5 participants will then go through to the finale and perform live on 8 April 2017 at a gala event in Worcester where a panel of external judges (all SASL experts) will determine who SA’s Sign Superstar for 2017 will be.

We believe that promoting SASL in this way will advance the fight and gain support to get SASL recognised as the 12th official language of South Africa.

* Important: This is not a duplication of Zwakala, since the participants are not school learners, but have to be older than 18 years.


For more information or any enquiries:

facebook @nidsignsuperstars

telephone 023 342 5555



The RED vs BLUE Run is a race between the sexes – men vs women, boys vs girls.
But it’s not the fastest time that wins the ultimate prize. Strength is truly in numbers, with the group with the most finishers crowned the winner.
The concept originated in Porto, Portugal where a similar race takes place each year, namely “Corrida do Homen e da Mulher”.
This is not an event for runners only. Anyone can take part – young and old, cross-fitters to couch-potatoes.
Distance: 6 km
Date: Wednesday, 29 March 2017
Time: 18:00
Place: Golden Valley Casino, Worcester
PLEASE NOTE: Female participants must wear red and male participants must wear blue.
For more information and entries, contact Juanita on 023 342 5555 or


135 Project – pledge a fundraising project of your choice in support of NID.

The 135 Schools Project involves schools taking on a fundraising project of their choice in support of NID. Projects may vary from a social day, coin laying, hosting a dance or anything easy that could easily slot into the school’s annual programme.

This project is however not limited to school participation. Colleges, universities, service organisations or any type of group can also get involved and donate the funds collected from their project to NID as a special 135-year birthday gift.

For more information, contact


Pledge your birthday, nominate NID as beneficiary and request your family and friends to rather give a “gift” in support of NID, in celebration of your special day and in celebration of our 135th year of helping the Deaf and people with hearing loss.

We once received a donation from a new friend of the Deaf on request of one of her friends who celebrated his birthday. He had told his family and friends that he had received enough gifts and blessings over the years, and that the money they would have spent on him for a birthday gift, should rather go to a worthy cause. Special gestures like these are one of the ways that has made it possible for NID to make a difference in the lives of the Deaf and persons with hearing loss for the last 135 years.

Please consider following this example and doing the same. Pledge your birthday, nominate NID as beneficiary and request your family and friends to give a “gift” in support of our good cause and in celebration of our 135th year of helping the Deaf and people with hearing loss.

To pledge your birthday, email