On Friday 31 August and Saturday 01 September NID held our annual Cycle Telethon fundraising project in the Mountain Mill Shopping Centre, Worcester.

The project involves 4 teams of 9 Deaf cyclists each cycling for 24 hours from Friday 14:00 to Saturday 14:00 on exercise bicycles in the shopping centre. The teams compete against each other to cycle the furthest distance in the 24 hours. During the cycling we have a phoning program where tele-marketers (mostly staff with a few volunteers) phone donors, partners and friends and ask them to pledge a contribution towards the project. Previous donors are challenged on their previous gifts or to better the pledge and new donors (who are challenged by existing donors/pledgers) are asked to become involved through a contribution.

The aim of the project is to raise funds for multiple-disabled Deaf adults at NID and secondly to create awareness of NID and what we do for the Deaf and persons with hearing loss through our various departments.

This year the team from De la Bat School for the Deaf was crowned the winners. The total amount of R 200 000 has been pledged and received thus far.

You can still help make a difference: SMS / WhatsApp your donation pledge to 082 947 8846 or email to for more information.

Press Release – Boetman hostel fire damage

On 21 May 2018 the Boetman hostel of De la Bat School, Worcester suffered severe fire damage. Fortunately, no children or staff were harmed, but all their belongings were lost in the fire. The hostel is situated on the campus of the National Institute for the Deaf and was home to 17 Deaf boys between the ages of 6 and 10 years. The cause of the fire is still unknown and the report from the fire brigade is pending.

The National Institute for the Deaf wishes to express its deepest gratitude to the local and broader community. On Monday evening the community response ensured that we could provide the boys with warm clothes and linen. After a good night’s rest, lunchboxes filled with goodies could be provided. Thank you to all the individuals, families, organisations and businesses that supported us and continue to do so.

If you wish to make a financial contribution towards the full restoration of damages, please follow the donate link. The NID, together with the School, will monitor the situation and allocate funds where the needs are most dire.The boys are traumatised and have lost their home away from home, but with your support we can restore their Boetman.

For any enquiries, contact Mr Cobus van Deventer on 023 342 5555 or email to

Bank details:                                                                                                                                            National Institute for the Deaf, Absa Bank, Acc number:  911 845 2209, Branch: 503 107, Ref: Boetman (name and surname)


Op Maandag 21 Mei 2018 het ‘n gebou van die Nasionale Instituut vir Dowes, die Boetman koshuis van De la Bat skool, ernstige brandskade opgedoen. Geen kinders of personeel is beseer nie, maar al hul besittings is in die vuur vernietig. Die koshuis is op die kampus van die NID geleë en was die tuiste van 17 Dowe seuns tussen die ouderdomme van 6 en 10 jaar. Die oorsaak van die brand is nog onbekend en die verslag van die brandweer word afgewag.

Die Nasionale Instituut vir Dowes spreek hul groot dank en waardering uit teenoor die plaaslike en breër gemeenskap. Maandagaand het die gemeenskap se reaksie verseker dat ons die seuns met warm klere en beddegoed kon voorsien. Na ‘n goeie nagrus was daar kosblikke gevul met lekkernye. Baie dankie aan al die individue, gesinne, organisasies en besighede wat ons ondersteun het en voortgaan om dit te doen.

Indien u ‘n finansiële bydrae wil maak tot die volle herstel van die skade, volg asseblief die onderstaande skakel. Die NID sal saam met die Skool die situasie monitor en fondse toeken waar die behoeftes die grootste is. Die seuns is getraumatiseer en het hul tweede huis verloor, maar met u ondersteuning kan ons hul Boetman-tuiste herstel.

Vir enige navrae, kontak Mnr Cobus van Deventer by 023 342 5555 of e-pos na

Bankbesonderhede                                                                                                                                        Nasionale Instituut vir Dowes, Absa Bank, Rek nommer:  911 845 2209, Takkode: 503 107, Verw: Boetman (naam en van)