How to register:

  1. Download the 2016 NID Training Prospectus
  2. Select your qualification
  3. Fill in the online application form (first year students)
  4. Fill in the appropriate registration form (available from the NID Training office):
    · First year students
    · Retuning students
  5. Submit your registration form by e-mailing
  6. Pay registration fee no later than 25 January 2016 (1st years) and 1 February 2016 (returning students)

The college staff will assist students with their registration at the NID College and relevant SETA or accreditation authority. On the day of registration the prescribed registration fee must be paid. This is a non-refundable fee.


Starting January 2016 all students must pay a registration fee of R2 500.

The registration fee must be paid on or before the day of registration (1st years 25 January 2016 and returning students 1 February 2016).


In order to develop and promote IT skills, learning programmes at NID College are offered via a learning management system. For this reason all learners need a laptop to do portfolio work and to submit assignments. NID has negotiated discounted prices for our learners and laptops can be purchased on campus at the cost of R3 500.

For more information on the cost of our training programmes and the payment of fees, download the 2016 Fees Booklet.


Accounts are to be paid strictly in advance, if a student’s account is not paid monthly or on a quarterly basis in full at the end of his/her programme he/she will not be issued with a certificate or diploma until the account is settled.


1. Payments can be made in one of two ways:
1.1 e-Commerce (card payment) (all applicants)
1.2 Cash payment by using a printout of a system-generated SAMPLE Standard Bank deposit slip to copy when depositing money at a Standard Bank branch (only applicants in South Africa)

Separate payment must be made for each application lodged online. In each case a unique submission number will be linked to payment automatically. No other forms of payment will be accepted.

2. Compulsory provision of banking details
The high degree of non-compliance to application requirements causes extensive administrative work for NID College.

The policy is to return non-compliant applications and refund moneys paid in order to curb deferred income. Because refunds are delayed by applicants not providing their banking details on request, the provision of such details will become a compulsory requirement in the application process.
Banking details will be safety encrypted and decrypted for use only when necessary and under strict control procedures for this purpose.

4. Guidelines for refunds and cancellation
Certain limitations apply to the cancellation of applications and the refunding of moneys paid. Refer to the 2016 Fees Booklet for more information on refunds and cancellation.

5. Financial Aid

NID provides financial assistance for students unable to pay the full amount of their study tuition.