NID Training draws on the 138 years history and experience of the National Institute for the Deaf regarding services to the Deaf and persons with different degrees with hearing loss.

NID Training is a registered Private FET College that provides occupational training to persons with hearing loss to enable them to reach their full potential. 

During 2015 NID College changed its name to NID Training with the aim of expanding its services in line with NID’s vision and mission. The transition process has included the full integration of training and business units, optimization of resources and expansion of training units. 

NID Training strives to provide quality occupational and skills training aimed at the specific needs of our students. We are renowned for our selection of training programmes directed at gainful employment that will enable our students to advance their economic independence, human dignity and self-realization. 



  • Number of learners at Schools for the Deaf:                      155
  • Number of students at other Training Units in provinces:   571
  • Number of students Worcester Campus – Residential:      121
  • Number of students Worcester Campus – Day Students:  167